Meet Yoshi

I am originally from Japan. In 2001 I made one of the biggest decisions in my life and came to England to do a university degree course.

Being so far from home was not easy to begin with but life in the UK has turned out to be better than I could ever have imagined when I made that decision.

I found ceramics after moving to Cardiff. My new love of pottery steered my focus back to my Japanese culture and rekindled a strong sense of pride in the quality and skill of Japanese craftsmanship.

Since I set up my home pottery studio in 2020, I have been crafting pots under the brand name Haruyama Studio. Haru (春) and Yama (山) are Japanese words that mean “spring season” and “mountain” respectively.

In creating this website, I hope to showcase my work and also to share some of my experiences in pottery.

Group Exhibitions

Nov 23 - Jan 24, Gyda’n gilydd eto / Together again, Mission Gallery, Swansea UK

Sep 23 - Oct 23, Floriferous : Fruitiferous, Studio Cennen, Llandeilo UK

My Work

My work might be available in the following galleries:

Also I am a trader at Cardiff Riverside Market. I am currently working on my online shop.